The glycemic index is a measure of how much a food increases your blood sugar level compared to table sugar. There are many foods that you would not ordinarily think of as having the same effect on the body as table sugar, but they are the most dangerous because they are so much a part of our everyday diet. Don’t be fooled. Pay attention to the foods listed below and place them on your taboo list!
Remember that the higher the glycemic index a food has, the greater the insulin reaction, and therefore the more difficult to lose weight and keep it off.
Food                                             Glycemic index
Croissants                                             96
Waffles                                                 109
Plain Bagel                                          103
Kaiser Roll                                          104
French Baguette                                136
Cheerios                                              106
Rice Crispies                                      117
Rice Chex                                           127
Graham crackers                              106
Vanilla wafers                                   110
Watermelon                                      103
Brown rice pasta                              113
Potato, baked                                   158
Jellybeans                                         114
Pretzels                                             116
Dates                                                 146
Maltodextrin                                   150

There are many common foods that might not be considered as having a high glycemic index, and therefore not perceived as powerful insulin triggers. The general rule is to stick with foods that have a low Gl index less than 70. People tend to get hungrier after a meal of high-glycemic foods. Following are the glycemic index of a few foods from different categories:
Watch out for hidden sugars on product labels. Malt barley, fructose, sucrose, maltodextrin, lactose, molasses, and honey are all simply forms of sugar. The body will react similarly to all of them. A good example of how misleading labels and foods can be is in comparing a bagel and fat-free cream cheese with a doughnut. They have a similar glycemic index!


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