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All five books in the “Why We Eat’ series are based on the REAL reasons we eat. programs that focus on low-carb diets, low fat diets, blood type diets, fasting, juicing, starving not only do not work but can cause severe and irreparable harm to you body AND mind. This program is does not depend upon exercising sixty or ninety minutes a day or sacrificing other aspects of your life. In fact, it emphasizes interaction with other and with nature as important aspects of the program. You will gain control not just of your appetite, but of your life.

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1 ) Eat a big breakfast, predominately made up of protein. (For every 100 calories of protein you eat, 20 calories are burned in the digestion process).

2) Eat good snacks. Don’t wait until you are hungry; by then, you have low blood sugar and the brain is screaming for food – especially in the form of sugar.

3) Eat a high-protein and/or high fiber snacks, like nuts or seeds. According to Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, protein, eaten thirty to forty-five minutes before main meals, can further reduce appetite. (Amino acids in the protein are converted within this time to norepinephrine – the appetite-inhibiting neurotransmitter).

3) Eat one or two vegetables with every meal. (Please don’t count French fries).

4) Get your calcium from soymilk or dark green vegetables. Avoid regular milk.

5) Don’t eat any potatoes except yams or sweet potatoes. White potatoes have a glycemic index higher than table sugar.

6) Eat a high quality protein with every meal.

7) When eating grains, eat only 100% whole grains – sparingly!

8) Eat fruit separately from other meals.

9) Drink six-8 ounces glasses of water per day (women), eight-8 ounce glasses per day (men), but not within 15 minutes before or after eating; otherwise, the saliva in your mouth is diluted and the digestion process is delayed.

10) Reduce or eliminate white sugar. Remember that fat-free usually means lots of sugar – a bad trade-off.


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