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All five books in the “Why We Eat’ series are based on the REAL reasons we eat. programs that focus on low-carb diets, low fat diets, blood type diets, fasting, juicing, starving not only do not work but can cause severe and irreparable harm to you body AND mind. This program is does not depend upon exercising sixty or ninety minutes a day or sacrificing other aspects of your life. In fact, it emphasizes interaction with other and with nature as important aspects of the program. You will gain control not just of your appetite, but of your life.


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Sometimes it must feel like you’re General Custer, surrounded by fast-food restaurants and vending machines. But there are always alternatives – you just need to be creative. I can help you. Check out the list below.

Typical Food

1) Cheese

2) Jams/Jellies

2) White bread

3) Ground beef

4) Milk

5) French Fries Baked

6) Hamburger

7) White Rice

8) Alcohol

9) Eggs

8) Potato chips and other snack foods;

9) Commercial peanut butter

10) Sugar, high fructose corn syrup brown sugar

11) Canned fruit in heavy syrup.

12 Frozen vegetables in sauce.

13) Chicken with skin

14) Canned spaghetti sauce

15) Egg noodles

16) Butter and margarine


Healthy Alternative

1) Fat-free cheese, soy cheese

2) All-fruit spread

3) 100% whole wheat bread

4) Calcium-fortified soymilk

5) Sweet potato fries

6) Turkey burger made with ground turkey.

7) Brown rice, wild rice, bulgur, quinoa.

8) Fresh squeezed fruit juices.

9) natural peanut butter, soy butter, nut butters

10) Honey, dried fruit.

11) Canned fruit in its own juice

12) Plain frozen vegetables

13) Chicken breast without skin

14) Tomato paste

15) Whole-wheat noodles, spaghetti squash

16)) Olive oil, canola oil, fat-free butter substitutes.


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