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It is impossible to lose weight by going on a conventional diet. As soon as you begin to lose weight, the body thinks you are in starvation mode and slows down the metabolic rate. A person who maintained a steady weight while eating 2400 calories, and then goes on a failed diet, will gain weight eating only 1200 calories! Most people, dependent on diet alone, would have to consume eight hundred calories per day, or less, to lose weight.

It is impossible to get enough essential vitamins and minerals in eight hundred calories to maintain a healthy, functional immune system. A plethora of diseases would follow. One cannot consume enough calcium and magnesium to build bone and thereby almost assuredly would undergo osteoporosis. Food cravings and bingeing would overwhelm even the strongest resolve. Without certain nutrients, anxiety and depression are assured.

Your Metabolic Rate

You might ask, “Why is our metabolic rate is so low now that we can’t possibly succeed on a diet? What has changed so drastically in the last fifty years to precipitate obesity rates to go from 10% of the population in 1950 to 50% of the population in 2007?” That is a fair question. The answer is fluoridation.


Fluoridation of our water supply is the key contributor to the greatly increased rate of obesity in the past 50 years. It is no coincidence that fluoridation of our water supply began in 1950, when only one in ten people were obese. Today, 50 years after fluoridation began, obesity rates have reached 50%** of the population (** Using 1950’s standards, which have been relaxed to make us seem less fat).

Fluoridation of our water supplies significantly inhibits DNA synthesis and repair enzymes. Even as little as 1 part per million of fluoride inhibits DNA repair activity by 50%. Animal studies found that in 1 part per million, fluoride has caused chromosome damage.

Thyroid hormones rely on iodine, which is in the same group of four elements as fluorine. Fluorine displaces iodine in the body, which leads to serious problems with the thyroid gland. Children can be particularly affected if their mother was short of iodine during pregnancy.

Fluoridation affects thyroid function. The thyroid gland has a major role in controlling the metabolic rate. Fluoride slows down that rate, thereby burning fewer calories. Fluoridation is the generic name for the process of treating our water supplies. Technically the process is Aluminum fluoridation. Yes, aluminum, as in one of the primary causes of Alzheimer’s disease! Autopsies of the brains of people who have died due to Alzheimer’s disease showed a direct causal relationship between the absorption of aluminum (either through food or environmental exposure) and the disease. To reach the brain, aluminum must pass the blood-brain barrier, an elaborate structure that filters the blood before it reaches this vital organ. Elemental aluminum does not readily pass through this barrier, but certain aluminum compounds, such as aluminumfluoride, do. Many municipal water supplies are treated with both aluminum sulfate and aluminumfluoride, and these two chemicals readily combine with each other in the blood. Moreover, aluminum fluoride, once formed, is very poorly excreted in the urine.

The obesity epidemic that is plaguing the US, the UK and other industrialized countries is unequivocally linked to fluoride in drinking water. Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield says that “there is no doubt that fluoride is enzyme disruptive and one thing it affects is thyroid hormones”, adding that “People end up with an under-activity of the thyroid gland.” And children may be particularly susceptible to obesity if their mothers drank fluoridated water while pregnant

But exactly how does the environment affect the thyroid?

We now have substantial research to demonstrate that environmental chemicals have a direct impact on the thyroid gland. It’s clear that PCBs and other industrial petrochemical toxins can lower thyroid function, as well as other pollutants such as chlorine, bromide, and fluoride. Almost all these elements and dangers reach us via our water supply.

Since the thyroid produces hormones that manage your metabolism, anything that affects your thyroid will ultimately affect your metabolism. In fact, there’s evidence that toxins boost the excretion of thyroid hormones, leaving you with less of this hormone to control your metabolism – and a decreased ability to burn fat. The truth is your thyroid plays a huge role in weight control, and in determining your metabolic rate.

The question is not if, but how much is today’s obesity epidemic linked to the harmful effects of environmental toxins on metabolism. I’ve seen so many patients struggle with their weight, only to have the pounds melt off when we addressed their thyroid problems.

Now here is the most important question. How do we address those thyroid problems? Allopathic medicine (mainstream medicine) uses pharmaceutical drugs to treat thyroid malfunction. These drugs have serious side effects and do not boost the metabolic rates to optimal levels and hold it there all day. Pharmaceutical meds are one size, fits all. Further, these drugs are known to produce anxiety, depression, debilitating migraine headaches, fuzzy thinking, memory problems, etc. They are not tailored to individual needs or individual metabolisms, or changes to metabolism that happen over time. Many doctors can miss the subtle signs of thyroid problems, and conventional medicine often treats low thyroid function with inadequate, one-size-fits-all drugs like Synthroid. Thyroid dysfunction requires you to become an active partner in your care.

Other factors that can affect thyroid deficiencies. For example, food allergies, like sensitivities to gluten and other foods, also negatively affect thyroid function – and are frequently undiagnosed. Likewise, deficiencies in nutrients important to good thyroid function – like selenium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, iodine and tyrosine – can also trigger thyroid problems. With all of these factors that can affect your thyroid, it’s clear that we need a new approach to the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease in order to regain control of our appetites and maintain a healthy, attractive, desired weight.

There’s no doubt that thyroid disease is on the rise. From the research I’ve reviewed and the patients I’ve seen in the last 20 years, it’s clear to me that the thyroid gland is sensitive to many different influences – your diet, your lifestyle, and the world around you.

So, it’s not surprising that as we eat more toxic foods and are increasingly exposed to pollution, petrochemical and industrial wastes, and heavy metals that thyroid problems have skyrocketed. In fact, more than 80% of women and men in the United States have thyroid dysfunctions – and half of them don’t even know it!

Correcting a dysfunctional thyroid: Know that the problem can be fixed … simply. By following my program (The caffeine Diet: Sipping your way to Slim), you can get your thyroid working properly, keep your weight under control, and start feeling better today. And you will be in total control of your thyroid, metabolism, and weight loss goals.

You cannot eliminate all external or internal causes of an under active thyroid. What you can do is eliminate the most invasive and prevalent, and then follow my program.

Tap water can make you fat

Can’t you simply stop drinking tap water? It’s not that simple. Even if you have a good filtration system for the drinking water in your home you still absorb the equivalent of eight 8 ounce glasses of water every time you take a shower. Further, that would still not address the other toxins in our environment that affect the thyroid or water drank outside the home. And no, bottled water – unless it employs activated charcoal, reverse osmosis and distillation – is beneficial.





I’ve been a gym rat for most of my life. But the truth is my metabolism slowed down a long time ago. If I depended solely on exercise to burn calories, I wouldn’t have as low a body fat ratio as I do. Even with all my hard work, I couldn’t have made the progress I have without some help from science. Here’s how I’ve been able to keep my body fat ratio at 8% at the age of 57.

There are a number of supplements that can help you burn fat while you sleep. Here are some of the best:

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). This naturally occurring group of linoleic acid derivatives promotes fat loss and the prevention of further fat gain while simultaneously stimulating muscle growth. CLA not only helps you lose fat by decreasing the amount that’s stored in your fat cells by boosting metabolism, but it also increases the amount of fat that’s burned during sleep. This supplement must be taken consistently. Guaaulsterone: When you diet, the body tends to slow down the metabolism because your brain thinks you’re starving. The idea is to keep your metabolism up without keep you up at night. Guggulsterone, an extract from the resin of Indian Commiphora mukul trees, keeps your metabolic rate up without keeping you up.

Glucomannan. This fiber, derived from the konjac root, expands to 50 times its original volume when mixed with water. This fills your stomach, giving you a sense of fullness and helping you avoid late-night snacking. It also slows the digestion of foods like carbohydrate to prevent unwanted insulin spikes and further help weight loss.