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A food craving is a powerful desire to consume a specific food. Food cravings differ from regular hunger in that hunger can be fulfilled by any number of foods, whereby a craving can only be satisfied by a particular food. Cravings vary by gender (women have more cravings than men), by age (the elderly have more cravings than younger people), and by types of food (women crave foods such as chocolate, cake, and candy. Men crave more protein-based foods like pizza, burgers and crunchy snacks such as nuts and chips). There are four theories explaining food cravings. Three of the four affect men as well as women. The fourth, hormone theory, impacts only women. The four theories are as follows:
One: Deprivation Theory. When a food is off limits or restricted in some way, cravings increase. Food denial has been linked to overeating; we tend to crave what we cannot have. And when we overeat, we feel guilty which leads to more eating and more guilt -a vicious cycle.
Two: Brain Chemical Theory. Neuropeptide and galanin, two brain chemicals, affect food cravings. Neuropeptide, which causes us to crave sugar, peaks just after waking up. Galanin, which initiates a craving for fat, peaks at night.
Three: Stress Response Theory. During times of high stress the body releases Cortisol and adrenaline, initiating the fight or flight response. During such times the body demands immediate energy. This increases the desire for simple carbohydrates – which the body converts in glucose.
Four: Hormone Theory. This is where women differ so greatly from men. All of us endure emotionally-driven cravings: isolation, resentment, anger, unfulfilled needs. But, it is only women who endure hormonally-driven food cravings. And the key hormone involved with food cravings is serotonin. Cravings can be controlled by supplanting: substituting a good food for a bad one.



Tammy: Went from 220 to 135.
Diet: Breakfast is egg whites cooked with onions, tomatoes, and peppers – with wheat toast. Lunch: a chicken taco salad. Dinner: chicken breast, vegetables, and salad. Snacks: frozen yogurt and turkey jerky.
The workout: An hour of kickboxing, step aerobics or running each day; 10 minutes of weights and 15 minutes of Pilâtes five days a week.
Loraine: Went from 191 to 120 lbs.
Diet: Breakfast is oatmeal and a yogurt shake. Lunch: cottage cheese and fruit or scrambled eggs and spinach. Dinner: bean soup or tofu stir-fry with vegetables and a big salad. Snacks: fruit and yogurt.
The workout: An hour of step aerobics or running six days a week; Pilâtes and weights twice a week.
Alice: Went from 265 to 165.
Diet: Breakfast is fruit and a protein shake. Lunch: a tofu hot dog and raw vegetables with light dressing. Dinner: vegetable soup or chili, a whole-wheat roll, broccoli and carrots. Snacks: fruit, cereal, and mixed nuts.
The workout: Running about 30 miles each week and lifting weights for an hour twice a week.
Donna: Went from 260 to 135.
Diet: Breakfast is oatmeal and a banana. Lunch: a turkey sandwich on whole wheat, with tomato soup, carrots and celery. Dinner: a taco salad. Snacks: raisins, apples and fat-free pudding. The workout: Kickboxing videos at home for an hour five or six days a week.
These four women relied heavily on exercise as part of their routine for losing weight. However, don’t be intimidated. Yes, you can lose weight faster if exercise is part of your plan, but in my book, Why We Eat…. and why we keep eating, we offer you real alternatives – from a dozen or more activities that burn calories outside the gym to supplements that can boost your metabolism and increase fat burning so that you can burn calories ever when you’re sitting at your desk!