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Alzheimer’s is not hereditary. It is bad habits that are passed on (eating sugar, fats, drinking sugary drinks, not exercising) not some Alzheimer’s gene. Alzheimer’s is not inevitable. Alzheimer’s is due to diet, not old age.
How is this possible? Modern medicine says it is a disease of old age and that it cannot be stopped and the only hope is that drug companies find a cure. You are listening to people who only make money when you buy and take their medications. They make money treating diseases, not preventing them. They work in a narrow corridor: they don’t want you to be cured and stop using their meds, and they don’t want you to die because then you stop being a customer. They have a vested interest (a multi-billion dollar vested interest) in seeing to it that you get sick, then take their medicines that cause more harm than good and have worse side effects than the disease they claim to cure.
If Alzheimer’s is a disease of old age, why is it that the fastest growing segment of the population for this disease is 55-65, not 85 and older?
The rapid increase in Alzheimer disease is not due to a higher percentage of the population living longer. The conclusions drawn from the statistics are patently incorrect. 85% of the increase in life expectancy since 1900 has come from better prenatal care and control of infectious disease. If those factors are taken out of the equation, the increase in life expectancy has only gone up 4% – while the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease has gone up over 1000%
Alzheimer’s is caused by two dietary factors.
1) The consumption of sugary foods.
2) The consumption of sugar drinks which allow the sugar to pass though the blood brain barrier and start the process of growing amyloidal plaque.
Alzheimer’s is preventable. It just means getting on my program and getting on it early. All this is laid out for you in my book, “The Myth of Alzheimer’s.”



When I wrote “Why We Eat… and why we keep eating,” I thought the bulk of my work was done. But some recent research in the field led me to realize how important “when we eat” is. I touched on the subject in my book, but that explanation, I now know, was not complete. There are people who eat all the right foods, get plenty of exercise, and still do not reach their ideal weight. The problem may be not what they eat, or how much, but when they eat. Researchers at the analyzed the eating habits of 500 men and women and found some interesting connections between the way people eat and their risk of becoming overweight. Here are the findings of that study:
Habit Changes obesity rate by:
Eating at least one midday snack -39%
Eating dinner as your biggest meal of the day +6%
Waiting more than 3 hours after Waking to eat breakfast +43%
Eating more than a third of your Meals in restaurants +69%
Going to bed hungry (3 or more hours after your last meal) +101%
Eating breakfast away from home +137%
Not eating breakfast +450%


Meat is bad for you?? Your doctor told you to stay away from red meat. Really? Did you know that the average doctor has one course in nutrition his entire career?
Eat low-fat meat abundantly. Meat, and other protein, made up an average of 35% of the calories consumed by our ancestors. Nutritionists today tell us to beware eating red meat. However, such blanket statements are rarely correct. Protein is an essential nutrient, needed to build muscle and repair tissue. Protein also stimulates the release of the hormone, CCK, which signals the brain to shut down the appetite center.
You do not simply inherit genes. Genes are passed from parent to child. But that is not the end of the story. Genes need to be told to turn on; this is called methylation. The nutrients in certain foods turn on good genes or turn off bad genes. Those nutrients are B-12, folic acid, and Methionine. Where are those nutrients found in abundance? Meat. The Meat is essential for methylation to take place. No barbeque. The fats released in high heat grilling are carcinogenic.