Daily Archives: July 25, 2021


1. Car shield. Read the small print: ‘Pre-existing conditions are not covered.” What are pre-existing conditions? The moment you drive your car off the dealer lot, you begin to wear your car out. Your definition and their definition of pre-existing conditions are light years apart. They never have to pay a claim…ever. How do they get people in the commercials to say they were paid? They make them a deal. We pay your claim; you sing the praises of car shield.
2. American Home Shield. Depreciation. If your roof has a 20 year useful life and it is destroyed in a hail or wind storm in the 18th year, then you get 10% of the cost of a new roof. The same with any appliance. Smarter move…set up a bank account dedicated to home / auto repairs. Put a small amount of money in the account on a regular basis.
3. Airbnb. I wouldn’t stay in an airbnb if it was free. The average person gets two weeks off a year. You’re going to trust the honesty of a person you never met? The number of scams is too great to even list. How about you get to the house and the electricity and water are off. How about there is a band next door that practices from midnight till 4 am? How about you get to the house and the owner has no idea what you’re talking about because you didn’t send him the money, you sent it to someone using his address for the pictures but the money got sent via papal to a different person. You get a room at a chain motel you’re guaranteed the room will be exactly as is described on line. You have a noisy neighbor? They move you in two seconds. The hotel burns down, they get you a room in the nearest reciprocating hotel. You really want to risk your vacation by trying to save 10 or 20 or 30% of the room cost? A friend of mine went to Cuba on an airbnb. The a/c did not work. You ever visit Cuba in the summer? He never slept a minute because of how hot it was.
4. Turkey (the country). A complete rip-off. Everybody lies about everything. They cheat because cheating is considered good business in their culture. Istanbul is a pit with 12 million people who live to rip off tourists. People will follow you around and hound you until you either buy from them or lose your mind. How about the Mosques? Yeah, great. You see one, you’ve see them all. Musky, 1000 years old, smelly from the worshipers who never bathe.
5. Name brand tires: Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Kuhmo. You pay two, three times as much for a tire that is 10% better than a generic tire. Better, buy a tire based on the warranty: 40,50,60,80,000 mile tire.
6. Cars. Land rover/ land cruiser. The highest repair rate of any car in America. And, the fastest depreciating car in the country.
7. Carvana. Buy a car without ever leaving your house. Sounds great! You pay for the car BEFORE it’s delivered. It comes. You don’t like it. Sorry, pal. Read the small print. You can only return the car if the repairs needed are greater than “x” dollars.