There are plenty of pitfalls out there. It’s a minefield. But I’ve got a map you can follow to avoid disaster. There are always good alternatives – even in the fast-food jungle. Think of me as your personal trainer. We’ll fight the good fight together.


Fame                            Cal.      Fat (grms)         Shame                               Cal.           Fat (arms)


Subway’s 7 subs w/       260                   5              Cheese fries with.          3010                 217

Low fat ranch dress


Blimpie’s veggie               400               7          Movie theater  popcorn        1640                 126

Max sub


McDonald’s fruit                        380           5          Prime ribs16 oz.            1280                   94

And yogurt parfait

With granóla


Turkey sandwich            370                   6          Fettuccini Alfredo            1500                    97

With lettuce, tomato

and mustard


Grilled or broiled

Chicken or seafood       270                   8          Stuffed potato skins         1260                     95

with sour cream

Szechwan shrimp

or chicken w/rice           930                   19         Fudge brownie

Sunday                           1130                       57

Chicken, lamb or

pork w/rice                    750                   19         Beef and cheese

nachos w/sour cream              1360                   89

and guac


Pasta w/ clam sauce      870                   20         Denny’s meat                1150                          93

lover’s skillet


Fajita chicken / shrimp   840                  24         Carrot cake                   1560                       84

w/ Vegetables





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