When I wrote “Why We Eat… and why we keep eating,” I thought the bulk of my work was done. But some recent research in the field led me to realize how important “when we eat” is. I touched on the subject in my book, but that explanation, I now know, was not complete. There are people who eat all the right foods, get plenty of exercise, and still do not reach their ideal weight. The problem may be not what they eat, or how much, but when they eat. Researchers at the analyzed the eating habits of 500 men and women and found some interesting connections between the way people eat and their risk of becoming overweight. Here are the findings of that study:
Habit Changes obesity rate by:
Eating at least one midday snack -39%
Eating dinner as your biggest meal of the day +6%
Waiting more than 3 hours after Waking to eat breakfast +43%
Eating more than a third of your Meals in restaurants +69%
Going to bed hungry (3 or more hours after your last meal) +101%
Eating breakfast away from home +137%
Not eating breakfast +450%

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