Chemicals are used extensively in food production. Fruit trees, for instance, are regularly sprayed with insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Golf course superintendents who work with such chemicals have greatly increased incidence of cancer, and neurological illnesses. Poison grain is dropped from planes onto apple orchards to kill rodents. The trees are sprayed with chemicals designed to keep the apples from falling off their stems. After being picked, the fruit is coated with wax to improve appearance, and then stored for several months in warehouses filled with toxic gases to prolong storage before coming to market. When you eat conventionally grown apples, many of these toxins remain on, and even in, the fruit.
No matter how vigilant you are, you can’t avoid accumulating pesticides in your tissues. Pesticide residues are present in all categories of foods, and it is not unusual for a single food item to contain residues of five or more toxic chemicals.
To reduce these toxins, eat organic whenever possible, and soak fruits and vegetables for a few minutes in water with a mixed produce cleaner, which helps remove some of the toxins from the outside of the produce.

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