Tammy: Went from 220 to 135.
Diet: Breakfast is egg whites cooked with onions, tomatoes, and peppers – with wheat toast. Lunch: a chicken taco salad. Dinner: chicken breast, vegetables, and salad. Snacks: frozen yogurt and turkey jerky.
The workout: An hour of kickboxing, step aerobics or running each day; 10 minutes of weights and 15 minutes of Pilâtes five days a week.
Loraine: Went from 191 to 120 lbs.
Diet: Breakfast is oatmeal and a yogurt shake. Lunch: cottage cheese and fruit or scrambled eggs and spinach. Dinner: bean soup or tofu stir-fry with vegetables and a big salad. Snacks: fruit and yogurt.
The workout: An hour of step aerobics or running six days a week; Pilâtes and weights twice a week.
Alice: Went from 265 to 165.
Diet: Breakfast is fruit and a protein shake. Lunch: a tofu hot dog and raw vegetables with light dressing. Dinner: vegetable soup or chili, a whole-wheat roll, broccoli and carrots. Snacks: fruit, cereal, and mixed nuts.
The workout: Running about 30 miles each week and lifting weights for an hour twice a week.
Donna: Went from 260 to 135.
Diet: Breakfast is oatmeal and a banana. Lunch: a turkey sandwich on whole wheat, with tomato soup, carrots and celery. Dinner: a taco salad. Snacks: raisins, apples and fat-free pudding. The workout: Kickboxing videos at home for an hour five or six days a week.
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