Menus are never set in stone, and you’re never without options. Going out to eat doesn’t mean giving up your diet. Here are some restaurant rules:

1 – Check out the menu before walking in. See if there’s enough diversity for you and your companion(s).

2 – If the menu is vague or lacks detail, ask your server to explain it – to avoid surprises. Does the salad bar offer iceberg lettuce, or healthier varieties? Is the house salad topped with croutons or grilled chicken?

3 – Look for healthy or light menu selections.

4 – Don’t be shy about requesting changes. There is a lot more flexibility than you think. Restaurants can grill fish or meat rather just offer it fried. Toppings can be left off.

5 – Ask about substitutions. You may be able to replace coleslaw and fries with a side salad and baked potato – or have your omelet made with egg whites or egg substitutes -or you may elect for a light dressing instead of full fat.

6 – Watch for hidden fats. Order a cut of meat that is lower in fat, or one that can be trimmed. Lean steaks include filet mignon or sirloin as opposed to fatty porterhouse or prime rib.

7 – Use doggie bags to create tomorrow’s lunch. Get in the habit of taking home ЛА of what is served. Remember that portion sized have increased dramatically in recent years. You not only save calories but also the cost of tomorrow’s meal.

8- Beware buffets. It is easy to over eat to feel you are getting your money’s worth. Ordering a la carte is a healthier choice.

9 – Eat out less often. Brown bag from home or cruise the salad bar at the super market. If you are going on an outing, pack a cooler with protein-based sandwiches, yogurt and fruit. Your wallet as well as your waistline will than you.

10 – Have the waiter bring out only Уг of your food on your plate. Have him bring out the other half, in a doggy bag, with the check.


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