Since ephedra was taken off the market, people have been looking for a worthy fat-burning replacement. Well, here are the newest, cutting edge supplements.
1 ) Aspidosperma quebracho-bianco (AQB). This is a South American evergreen tree species. The bark contains several alkaloids that act as central-nervous system stimulators that can help you get lean. Dosage: 50-250 mgs. of AQB extract standardized for .3% alkaloids taken twice daily.
2) Sesamin. This is a lignan from sesame oil. The active ingredient turns on genes that increase fat oxidation and decrease fat storage. Dosage: 500-1000 mg. of sesamin 2-3 times a day with food.
3) Hops Extract. New research reports that isomerized hops extract can decrease body fat by inhibiting the absorption of fat by the intestines. Secondly, it activates genes involved in fat oxidation to ramp up fat burning. Thirdly, it decreases the activity of genes that control storage of body fat. Dosage: 200-400 mg. of hops extract 1-3 times a day.
4) Oleoylethanol-Amide (OEA). When you eat a meal, the production of OEA increases and woks to ramp up fat-burning and decrease fat storage. Users say it decreases hunger. When you take extra OEA, you essentially trick your body into thinking you’ve already eaten. OEA is a non-stimulating appetite suppressant and fat burner. Dosage: 25-50 mg of OEA twice a day with food.
5) Tetradecylthioacetci acid (TTA). TTA is a specialized fatty acid that regulates the burning and storage of dietary fats. TTA helps decrease LDL and total cholesterol levels and boosts insulin sensitivity. Dosage: 1000 mg. of TTA twice daily.
6) Inula Racemosa. This is an herb that grows in the Himalayas. Their roots contain lactones that give it medicinal properties. The most important of these is alantolactone, which enhances insulin sensitivity; meaning you secrete less insulin after eating and less of the meal is stored as dietary fat. Dosage: as per label on Hydroxycut Hardcore.

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