Start the day right and you’re half way home. It’s tough to do something bad after doing something good for yourself and your body. Here’s my list of the most important:
1) Eat a big breakfast, predominately made up of protein.
2) Never wait until you are hungry; by then, you have low blood sugar and the brain is screaming for food – especially in the form of sugar. Eat snacks consisting of nuts and seeds, low-fat cheese, and dried or fresh fruit during the day. According to Dirk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, High-protein and/or high fiber snacks eaten thirty to forty-five minutes before main meals can reduce appetite. The tyrosine and phenylalanine in the protein is converted in the brain (within one-half hour to forty-five minutes) to norepinephrine -an appetite-inhibiting neurotransmitter.
3) Eat one or two vegetables with every meal. (Please don’t count French fries as a vegetable).
4) Get your calcium from soymilk or dark green vegetables. Avoid regular milk.
5) Don’t eat any potatoes except yams. White potatoes have a glycemic index higher than table sugar.
6) Eat a high quality protein with every meal. Only eat extra lean meats and poultry from organically grown, free ranging animals.
7) Keep grain to a minimum- even 100% whole grains.
8) Eat a variety of nuts and seeds as snacks throughout the day, along with some fruit. Never eat fruit with your regular meals, but only as snacks.
9) Drink 8-10 cups of water per day – but not within 15 minutes before or after eating; otherwise, the digestive enzymes in your saliva in your mouth is diluted and the digestion process is delayed.
10) Remember that fat-free usually means lots of sugar – a bad trade off. 12) Try making smoothies out of different fruits and vegetables. Use a variety but keep fruits and vegetables separate. Different combinations may taste so good you’ll eat (drink) more of them. ONLY IF your juicer leaves the fiber in.

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