Let’s face it, were all going to cave in to temptation. We look forward to our snacks; they keep us going on difficult days and through tough times. But it doesn’t mean we can’t exert some control over the situation. Knowledge, that’s the key. With the right info we can make better decisions. Better decisions lead to weight control. To do that you need the facts. Well, here they are: the best and the worst.


Best                             Cal.      Fat (grm)      Worst       Cal.    Fat (grm)

AuBon Pair fresh      90           0          Cinnabun      670                 34

fruit cup


Haagen-Dazs           120            0        McDonald’s    1010                29 sorbet                                                     shake (large)


Aunti Anne’s          340             1      Au Bon Pair      630               42    original pretzel                                     croissant


Starbuck’s              140            1         Dairy Queen        450               62

cappuccino16 oz.                             chocolate dipped double cone


Au Bon Pair             280        4

choc. Cake

Starbuck’s mocha 20oz.                              600               25








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