The Caffeine Diet: sipping your way to slim

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Make no mistake, while the premise is quite simple, the results are no less than amazing. Have faith. I know that you have gotten your hopes up before, and that even with all your willpower, you have failed. Of course you failed, you were relying on information that was thirty years old, left-over facts that were re-heated and served up once again after never having worked in the first place. On the Caffeine Diet you will have the metabolism of a thin person. When you have the correct metabolism, you cannot fail. It’s the only thing that’s been holding you back.

Nothing new has been said in regards to diet in three decades. And while “professionals” argue over the percentage of fats, protein, and carbohydrates in the diet, obesity rates have gone from 10% of the population to 50% in just 50 years.

The purveyors of magic elixirs, severely restricted calorie diets, blood type diets, low-carb diets, high-protein diets have no clue as to why people cannot lose weight and keep it off, or how to end that addiction. Their advice and findings are based on limited research and faulty logic.

On the Caffeine Diet you will learn how and when to use caffeine to its maximum advantage. Further, with your appetite under control, we will provide you with a dietary program based on 6 ½ million years of evolution, not three decades of antidotal evidence.

Until now, you have relied on health care experts who were anything but, and sent off on a wrong direction, by yourself, with incorrect information, no support, and no inspiration. You will not fail on this program. It is impossible to fail when you duplicate the metabolism of a thin person and the dietary guidelines followed by the healthiest people in the world. And we will show you who they are and what they eat and how they live.

Be prepared to take out that size six dress from the back of your closet, or those size thirty-two waist pants from mothballs. Don’t give up even if you have failed many times in the past. Begin by reading this book and get on the program today. I can assure you that dependence on food as your primary source of euphoria is a thing of the past.

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