The Perfect Day

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Are you content with your present state of being? Do you wake up with physical energy, a positive attitude, and maintain those throughout the day? You say you are successful. You earn lots of money, have a big home, go to fancy restaurants, and wear expensive clothes. That is society’s definition of prosperity. The line between fantasy and reality has been blurred. Four hours of television a day, a half-dozen movies on the weekends, shopping at illusionary malls, and reinforcement by a mainstream that is inspired and directed by the media and mass-marketers have all turned our attention outward, to the illusiveness of material satisfaction.

Are you stronger, healthier, happier than you were five, ten years ago? Or do you view such sacrifices as necessary to achieve success? Do you feel peaceful, or do you assume only gurus and the rich feel peace? Have you achieved your life’s goals or only those goals that television projects upon you?

This book provides, in the course of one day, the required action and the necessary thinking you need to integrate, and make part of your life, in order to fulfill the hopes and dreams you made in your youth. It is not only possible, it is simple because it is laid out step by step – every action and the reasons behind every action; support for every truth – enough to counter any skeptic or argument you may encounter. You do not have to stop working, or join a spiritual community. You have only to take control of your actions and environment – rather than be controlled – and to properly use the time that is within your domain.

You are ready for change because life on its present course has only built barriers to your personal ambitions. Here is a path to a new reality – laid out factually, rationally, and simplistically. This formula works; there is nothing individualistic about it. No special skills are needed, only acceptance of the fact that the road you have been on has not led to health, fulfillment, and personal satisfaction.

What is required is a proper attitude – an appreciation for the effects, good and bad, that your individual habits and chosen environment have had on your state of being and progress. That equates to accepting responsibility for where you are and what you have attained in comparison to the goals you set entering adulthood.

There was a great line from the movie, Wall Street. Michael Douglas turned to Martin Sheen and said, “This is your wake up call, buddy-boy.” Consider this your wake­ up call.

The directions and instructions in this book are given over the course of one Perfect Day – twenty-four hours of optimum focus, action, and growth potential. One of the few assumptions is that work begins at 8:30 A.M. If this is not the case for you, simply adjust the waking time to fit your schedule. Let’s begin . . .

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