#1 – Walking. Walk one hour per day if this is your primary form of exercise. Pick up the pace for fast results.

#2 – Running. Running will burn two times the calories of walking. Build up gradually to avoid joint pain.

#3 – Cycling. Ride in a safe place (off road), wear a helmet, and buy a quality bike. #4 – Swimming. Not as good as running or cycling for losing weight but builds muscle. #5 – In-line skating. Burns lots of calories. Wear helmet and padding. #6 – Skateboarding. A good alternative exercise for those tired of the usual. #7 – Rowing. No longer for just the rich.

#8 – Wild sex. Long, passionate sex resembles the floor exercises in women’s gymnastics.

#9 – Horseback riding. Great for building leg muscles. Fun, but not a primary exercise. #10 – Hiking. Hiking trails available even in big cities. Vary your routes to maintain interest.

#11 – Backpacking. A great fat-burner. Load up and take off for a few days. You’ll lose

more than weight: you’ll leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

#12 – Basketball. Shooting hoops is a great workout and fat-burner.

#13 – Tennis. Tennis builds aerobic capacity and tones muscle. You can play against a backboard by yourself, or with a friend, or in a league.

#14 – Volleyball. Can be played in a gym, on grass, or sand. It can get you in the sun and is a great leg burner.

#15 – Golf. Take a few lessons form a pro; walk the course and you’ll burn more than 500 calories.

#16 – Soccer. Leagues are available for every skill level, men, women, young and old. #17- Softball. Same options as soccer.

#18 – Water-skiing. On the expensive side but a rush you can take with you.

#19 – Windsurfing. A basic board and sail is relatively inexpensive. Not that difficult to learn.

#20 – Badminton. Contrary to popular belief, badminton is a fast, rigorous sport that requires agility and skill.

#21 – Ultimate Frisbee. The game is across between soccer, rugby, and football. Teams are usually mixed gender.

#22 – Bowling. Bowling is full and takes a lot of skill…. and it’s something different!

#23 – Surfing. You don’t even need to be near the ocean. Artificial wave parks have sprung up across the country. Rent a board to see if you like it.

#24 – Dancing. A great way to mix exercise with social life.

#25 – Be more active at home. Mow the lawn by hand; walk up and down the step during commercials if you must watch TV. Rearrange the furniture.

#26 – Be more active at work. Take the stairs at break time. Sign up for an exercise class at lunch. Park your car several blocks away and walk the extra distance. Get up and stretch every hour.

#27 – Calisthenics. Great for people who are unwilling to join a health club. Examples are pushups, chair dips, crunches and jumping jacks.

#28 – Gardening. Trim the hedges, prune roses, plant flowers, and mow the lawn. Burns calories, gets you outside.

#30 – Active shopping. Go on a window-shopping hike. Walk through a mall, check out every store.

#31 – Clean the rain gutters. Climbing ladders and picking out leaves is a great workout. #32 – Paint the walls. Painting is great exercise and a color change in your home can inspire other types of creativity.

#33 – Clean out the garage. You’ll make room for the car on rainy days, and you may just make a few bucks when you have a yard sale to get ride of all your junk (someone else’s collectors items).

#34 – Sweep the sidewalk. Sweep as hard and fast as you can; you’ll get a real aerobic workout.

#35 – Enter a charity walk-a-thon. You’ll raise money for a good cause and look better in your bathing suit.

#36 – Explore a new city on foot. Check airfares since 9/1 provide great opportunities to travel, explore, and get fit at the same time.

#37 – Do errands by bike or on foot. Don’t be a slave to your car. Buy a grocery cart and walk to the store. You’ll do yourself and the environment some good.

#38 – Take a dog for a walk. Overweight people often own overweight dogs. Do both of you a favor and go for a walk.

#39 – Hit softballs in a batting cage. It’s a great way to get ready for the Softball season. Hit ’em till your quarters run out.

#40 – Hit a bucket of balls at the golf course. It’s not a wimpy sport. You’ll feel it in new different muscles the next day (plus it gets you in the sun).

#41 – Train with weights. Weight training burns almost as many calories as aerobics plus you’ll get toned ands lean so you’ll not only be healthy, but look healthy.

#42 – Treadmill. The best machine for burning calories. And you can do it in a

controlled enjoinment every time as opposed to outside on hot, muggy days.

#43 – Stationary bike. Something you can do at home or in the gym. Great leg workout

#44 – Elliptical trainer. The next generation trainers. Allows you to reach a high heart rate while maintaining low impact on your hips, knees, and spine.

#45 – Cross-country ski machine. Allows you to work upper and lower body muscles art the same time. A great way to prepare for the ski season.

#46 – Supine bike. Many people like this bike because the seat is more comfortable; gives the illusion of exerting while lying down.

#47 – Rowing machine. These machines build large muscle of the upper and lower body. Some machines are hooked up to computers that allow you to “compete” against other rowers.

#48 – Polymeries. Bounce exercises that increase speed and power for sports like volleyball, soccer, and basketball.

#49 – Water aerobics. Combines running with resistance exercise.

#50 – Exercise classes. The support provides inspiration – whether it’s step, yoga, spinning, kickboxing, or Pilâtes.


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