Turning Off the Hunger Gene: food as medicine in the 21st century


The Methyl Diet is not about individual will power, fad diets, or great personal sacrifice. It is about regaining control of your eating and your life. On The Methyl Diet you will decide when to eat because you will have the willpower and understanding to do so. And you will choose what to eat based on those foods that are best for you, not those most tempting . . . and addictive.

The Methyl Diet does not teach you what you already know. We empower you to take control of your appetite, not try to suppress it with willpower along: a losing scenario. And we help you to control your appetite by choosing the perfect foods for each meal, and a list of supplements to be taken along with those meals. All of this is provided herein: in one volume of information never before made public.

And as for your diet, we’ll keep it simple because that’s the way nature and evolution made it. Do you think our Paleolithic ancestors counted calories or read about the food pyramid? Of course not! Yet they were the healthiest people to ever roam the face of the earth. All you have to do is follow their diet and we will show you exactly what that was.

There will be no phases like the South Beach or Atkins diets. There will be no sacrifices as there are with the Ornish or Zone diets. There are no charts, or tables, or strict rules. Would you, or anyone, follow such a strict regime? I doubt it.

If you are serious about loosing weight and regaining your health, I urge you to take action now. And get ready to take that size 6 dress from the back of the closet, or those size 32 waist pants out of mothballs and be prepared to wear them proudly on your new body.

Don’t give up even if you have failed many times in the past. Begin by reading my book “Turning off the Hunger Gene,” and get on my program today. I can assure you that dependence on food as your primary source of euphoria is a thing of the past.

This program is like no other. All we ask is that you follow it for one month . . . . give it your best effort for just 30 days . . . thirty days that will change your life.


All five books are now available on Amazon.  You can type in my name: Jeffry Weiss or the name of the book.

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