Let’s not call it exercise. That’s a dirty word for some. There are lots of ways to burn calories and trigger endorphin release without going to the dreaded gym.
Make it fun: something you look forward to doing, rather than seeing it as a chore. How about doing more of what you already do! By doing that, and adding a few special supplements to your diet, you can achieve many of the results that you thought could only come from a serious working out.
Change is the most difficult thing in most people’s lives. Don’t stress yourself. Doing more of what you already do is far easier and can be carried out much more consistently than struggling with the integration of new behaviors. He’s a partial list. Don’t let these suggestions limit you. Add some favorites of your own:
#1 – Walk a little more: walk part way to work. Park you car one stop father away from
you ultimate destination.
#2 – Walk to the neighborhood store.
#4 – Park you car in the far reaches of the parking lot at the mall.
#5 – Walk around the local park and stop at each of the stations set up for exercise: squats, sit-ups, push-ups, pull ups, etc.
#6 – Don’t take the elevator. Walk up and down the stairs at work or visiting others in a high-rise.
#7 – Take up tennis, or golf (don’t use the cart)
#8 – Join a volleyball / basketball league
#9 – Go dancing
#10 – Go horseback riding
#11- Use a hand mower to do the lawn
#12 – Take up swimming

Simply by increasing your current daily activities you can gain the same benefits as taking on a new exercise regime. And it is easier to increase an existing activity than integrating a new one. If you find something that brings you joy it will that much easier to continue.
There are also ways to increase metabolism and burn fat through the use of supplements. In an experiment conducted on herself, Sandy Shaw, PhD. – Life Extension – took 10 grams of arginine, an amino acid, a day. Sandy lost 25 pounds of fat and put on an estimated 5 pounds of muscle … without engaging in any strenuous exercise. The process works because arginine stimulates the release of growth hormone, which causes the body to burn up fat and put on muscle. But do remember that weight-bearing exercise is the only way to protect yourself from osteoporosis. And men, remember that it’s not just a woman thing. You’ll get it too, only a decade later.
The next step is to figure out how much weight you want to lose and spread that loss over a projected period. He’s how to do it. Say you weigh 150 pounds now, and you want to weigh 130 in 12 months. That’s a loss of 20 pounds in 52 weeks, or a little more than one-third of a pound per week. 3600 calories equal one pound. 1/3 of 3600 is 1200 calories. You would need to burn an extra 1200 calories per week to get down to your target weight. Look at the list above and decide which activates you would enjoy doing, or doing more of. Example: one hour of tennis (420 calories), one hour of swimming (300 calories), half-hour of walking up stairs (200 calories), one hour of dancing (320 calories) = 1240 calories. Setting aside 3 ЛЛ hours a week to lose 20 pounds in a year is a very small sacrifice. And for those who can integrate a better diet, or supplements, or lifting weights, the results will come that much faster.

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