Insulin is a hormone that when elevated, depending on the time of day and circumstances, can help increase muscle mass or lead to increased body fat. The key to maximizing insulin’s benefits is knowing the best time to increase its levels. After you work out, increasing insulin levels by consuming sugars will help drive protein, creatine, and other nutrients into your muscles, but increasing insulin levels at other times of the day will likely encourage the storage of body fat.
Another option for promoting the benefits of insulin release without the downside of increases fat storage is to utilize insulin mimickers, a category of supplements that help deliver nutrients to your muscles. Here are some of the very best:
1) Cinnulin. Cinnulin is a great supplement for driving creatine to your muscles and is often included with creatine. Cinnulin is a water-soluble cinnamon extract; it’s active component is hydroxychalcone. You should consume less sugar in the meals or snacks at which you take creatine products that include cinnulin; this reduces your likelihood of becoming insulin-resistant; a condition that can ultimately result in more body fat storage. Dose: 3-5 grams of creatine pre and post workout.
2) 4 – Hydroxyisoleucine. This amino acid has been found to increase the amount of insulin released by the pancreas. Research shows that taking 4 – Hydroxyisoleucine with dextrose following a workout helps to better replenish muscle-glycogen stores. This supplement is extracted from the herb fenugreek, so you may find it labeled as such on
3) supplement packaging. Dose: after workouts, take 60-100 grams of simple carbs with 300-600 mg. of 4 – Hydroxyisoleucine.
4) Alpha-lipoic acid. ALA can help improve creatine and glucose uptake by muscles when you consume it with simple carbs. ALA Is also included in some fat loss products because it reduces the amount of insulin your body releases when you consume carbs. Dose: 500 mg. of ALA with 3-5 grams of creatine and 50-100 mg. of carbs before and after workouts.
Don’t underestimate the benefits of muting insulin responses, especially if you have the type of body that is prone to storing excess calories as body fat. Insulin mimicking supplements will not only provide you with muscle building benefits of insulin, but also allow you to consume fewer calories from carbs, further reducing your storage of fat.

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