Coming in four weeks…Warning! Everything you ever heard about diet and nutrition is wrong!

  • Eating (certain) meat prevents cancer, not causes it.
  • Milk causes osteoporosis, not prevents it.
  • Eating too much fruit will cause you to gain weight, not lose it.
  • Protein is the only food group that shuts down the appetite center.
  • Pasta, whole wheat bread, cookies: they’re all the same thing.
  • Skipping breakfast will make you fat.
  • Being a vegetarian is hazardous to your health.
  • Man was never, ever meant to eat grains

Since I wrote “Why We Eat…and why we keep eating – the path to food independence”, I have counseled hundreds of people through my website and in my private practice. I have been asked many questions not addressed in my original work. In addition, I have continued to do research and keep up with the very latest studies going on all over the world. I have compiled the results of all those interviews, consultations, reviews and research into this compendium. I wasn’t sure what the content or format of the book would be when I began. But I never thought it would turn out to be almost a hundred pages longer than the original. It only confirms that the amount of nutritional information is continuing to increase at an exponential rate. The articles, and what I call tid-bits, compiled here are at the cutting edge of scientific awareness. I think you will be appreciative as well as amazed as to the diversity and depth of knowledge accumulated.

If you’re ready to succeed; to lead the life you have dreamed of, to attain lasting health, then get ready. You failed because you relied on information that was decades old. You can and will succeed once you get on the right path; a path lined by the facts.

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