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Welcome to why we eat…and why we keep eat: breaking your food addiction.

Please read “our purpose” accessed at the top of the first page.
Every few days we will be adding an article to motivate you, education you, and instruct you in your effort to lose weight and keep it off.

The books and articles will lead you to fulfilling your goals. DO NOT ALLOW PAST BOOKS AND PAST FAILURES TO INFLUENCE YOU. OUR PROGRAM IS LIKE NO OTHER AND IT HAS SUCCEEDED FOR MANY OTHERS WHO HAD GIVEN UP ALL HOPE. Read the articles, books and follow the simple plan. You will succeed; you will reach your goals. That is out promise.

The very first article will indicate to you just how wrong the information you have previously gotten is and will inspire you to continue reading the articles and the books.

You will not need luck or amazing will-power. All you ever needed was the right information.


Dr. Jeffry Weiss

If you appreciate my articles and find them helpful, please go to Amazon and purchase my book, “Why We Eat…and why we keep eating: breaking your food addiction.” Each month, for four months, the next book in the series will be available on Amazon. These books build on one-another and together they will direct and support and inspire you to reach not only your weight goals, but you life goals.

All five books in the “Why We Eat’ series are based on the REAL reasons we eat. programs that focus on low-carb diets, low fat diets, blood type diets, fasting, juicing, starving not only do not work but can cause severe and irreparable harm to you body AND mind. This program is does not depend upon exercising sixty or ninety minutes a day or sacrificing other aspects of your life. In fact, it emphasizes interaction with other and with nature as important aspects of the program. You will gain control not just of your appetite, but of your life


All five books are now available on Amazon under “Jeffry Weiss” or by title.


If you appreciate my articles, please check out my books. I think you'll really enjoy them Just use the link below to go directly to my website.


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