All five books in the “Why We Eat’ series are based on the REAL reasons we eat. programs that focus on low-carb diets, low fat diets, blood type diets, fasting, juicing, starving not only do not work but can cause severe and irreparable harm to you body AND mind. This program is does not depend upon exercising sixty or ninety minutes a day or sacrificing other aspects of your life. In fact, it emphasizes interaction with other and with nature as important aspects of the program. You will gain control not just of your appetite, but of your life.

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The limitations of Exercise. Exercise is a very important part of a healthy life style. Although exercise is encouraged, you do not need to exercise to attain results. Notice, I say “attain results.” You will attain quicker and more impressive results if you do exercise. I have gone to the gym since I was a kid and continue to this day. Exercise triggers the release of endorphins which improve mood, boosts the immune system, bring on a euphoric state, and burns calories. Doctors tell us that 30 minutes of walking a day will help us reach our weight goals. Really?? I fully support all forms of exercise. However, you could exercise two hours a day along with dieting and still not lose the weight. Why? It just does not burn enough calories. Eat lunch at a fast food establishment: a cheese burger, fries, and a soda (2,000 calories approx.). Okay. How long would you have to walk (at a brisk pace) to burn off these calories? 10 minutes? Half hour? One hour? Two hours? Not even close. The answer is 7 1/3 hours (assuming your weigh 160 lbs.).
Calories Burned Per Hour walking on a level
Weight (lbs) 3mph 3.5 mph 4mph 4.5mph 5mph
100 162 181 201 306 413
120 195 218 241 367 496
140 228 254 281 429 578
160 260 291 322 490 661
180 293 327 362 552 744
200 326 364 402 613 827
220 358 402 433 655 883
240 391 436 474 694 933

Calories Burned Per Hour walking on an incline*
Weight (lbs)                 Flat surface        5 % incline          10 %incline
100                                162                    229                       296
110                                179                   252                        326
120                               195                   275                         355
130                               212                  298                         385
140                              228                   321                         415
150                              244                   345                         445
160                              260                  367                         474
170                             276                   389                         503
180                            293                    413                           533
190                             309                   435                           5 62
200                             326                   459                            593

• Calories burned per hour Walking 3 miles per hour nearly doubles with a 10 percent incline.
You need to exercise for all of the aforementioned reasons, but you can’t rely simply on that. It will not work. You need to increase the metabolic rate: the rate at which the body, of its own accord, burns fat. And you will learn how to do that! Read on.


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